RPS Mutants

Rock, Paper or Scissors? Get ready for an exciting journey of endless mutation!

An endless arcade iOS game based on good old Rock-Paper-Scissors rules!


Rock, Paper or Scissors? In this fast-paced reaction-based game, you get to be all three! As an unstable mutant, your goal is to ascend the skies as far as possible with enemy mutants coming your way. Based on your current form, you must kill the right kind of enemy while avoiding the ones which can kill you directly (Think RPS rules!).

Watch out for lightning streaks though, as they can cause you to mutate! Whenever that happens, the rules of what you should kill or avoid will change… Do you have the lightning-like reflexes to react accordingly?

Prove that you have what it takes to be a true RPS Mutant!

Key Features

  • Novel Rock-Paper-Scissors-based Gameplay
  • Simple two-touch controls with fun wrapping moves
  • Adorable mutants and heart-stopping mutations
  • Exciting gameplay-changing power-ups
  • Earn streaks & boost your score multipliers for being flawless
  • Game Center Leaderboard Integration
  • Original Soundtracks
  • Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter

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